Thursday, March 27, 2014

Up close and Personal Final

While creating this piece of art I didn't really analyze what I was creating until after I finished doing most of the yoohoo chocolate milk.  My tablemates were the ones who really made me take a step back and look at what I was creating.  After holding it up and stepping away from it I was really pleased with the results.  The colors were very vibrant and the drink looked realistic.  After I analyzed my project it helped boost my confidence in completing the second drink.  Yes in the idea's phase of the project when I considered doing the juice-boxes I realized that I would have to recall my previous knowledge of two point perspective to make this piece look realistic.  
Throughout the process I did ask my tablemates what color I should color the Hi-C juice box and they were the ones who gave be me the idea to make it that pinkish orange color. The orginal Hi-C juice box is yellow and I didn't want to put two yellow juice boxes next to each other so I asked for an outside opinion and I'm pleased with the response I got. That color was a very good choice to contrast with the yellow. My tablemates constantly inspire me to excell in class. They inspire me to push my self by choosing challeging concepts. They also help point out areas of weakness in my artwork. Without their help I wouldn't be living up to my full potentional; I really appreciate their outside input. 
The unique ideas used in my artwork I think makes it standout from others. The idea of juice boxes was not a thought in my mind when the up close and personal theme was introduced. I used my own unique ideas by using my own pictures. Another unique idea I used is to put my birthdate as a best used by date. All of these things help make this piece one of my favorites. As an artist I love seeing unconventional ideas because it provokes thought and inspiration in the viewer which is what I ultimately would like to achieve with each art piece.  My source of inspiration was originally my photo then I looked at other juice boxes and different flavors to help get my creative juices flowing. By combining the outline of the original Hi-C juice box and using my own colors I put a unique twist on the artwork. The method of have a source of inspiration then adding your own ideas makes the art more of my own. 

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