Art 1 Final Portfolio

Art 1 Final Portfolio 

1) The art piece I believed was the most successful this semester was the landscape painting.  In this piece I started off by blocking in the complementary colors and painting from the background to the foreground.  This is my favorite piece because the process and the outcome were both satisfactory.  I was also excited to finally paint on canvas and this excitement showed in my artwork.  During the creation of this piece I also carefully considered all the colors that went onto the canvas.  This attention to detail made this piece stand out, because it makes your eyes travel throughout the painting.  I felt that I put more time into this piece as well. The landscape painting is one piece I will always be proud of and it is one of my favorites.

2) Looking back on this semester I know I grew as an artist.  Throughout each project there was a journey included not just the final product.  A specific piece that I felt I grew from was the value portraits.  I chose this piece because the first thing I thought was how am I going to draw someone else's face? As I started creating this  piece it  was much easier than expected. Even though it was easier, than expected the process included many techniques that I used in other projects.  These techniques include of using all values, light sources, details and sketching. In retrospect the value portraits project is one piece I learned the most from and it is a piece I'm glad I did.

3)  Since I was young I have always been interested in art.  At my elementary school I made many art projects that used similar techniques, and vocabulary.  Before this clay tile I have created many other clay items so the vocabulary words slip, score and kiln weren't new.  In this project I used previous knowledge to create this item.  Including color theory, light sources, values, and texture.  As an artist I've grown significantly, without out this growth I wouldn't have been able to apply all my previous techniques. These techniques made this clay tile composition the best it could be. Without techniques this art piece wouldn't  be as interesting and appealing to the eyes.

4)  Every projected we've created in Art 1 has had a significant effect on me.  Each project contained some value and purpose behind them.  In comparison to the other projects creating the print tile was the least important in the concepts taught in Art 1.  I believe this this because other pieces I connected with, this projected seemed to lose the connection when I was able to recreate it multiple times.  When there is only one piece of my artwork it becomes more significant.  Being able to create texture and details in a surface is important but it didn't really carry over to other projects as much as other pieces did.  Elements like perspective, values, shading and color theory did not show up in this piece.  The overall composition of this print was good  but the concept was lost. Overall this was the least important piece concerning objectives in Art 1, but I enjoyed the process of creating it.

5)  As an artist I have created many pieces of artwork.  Each and every piece I've created I have felt connected to it.  When I constructed the stencil of a roller-coaster, I connected to it on a much deeper level.  This is true because the stencil started off as a collage.  This collage consisted of  bright colors and foods you find at amusement parks.  Now every time I look my stencil  piece, I am reminded of the 1st time I rode on a roller coaster.  That day was one of my favorites because it was spent with friends who make me happy.  This piece also reminds me of the anxiety I had during the whole wait in line.  One piece that give me the best memories is my stencil piece.

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