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Least successful piece 
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Looking over all my pieces I would have to select my sticky situation piece as my most successful. The theme being sticky situation I chose something that I perceived to be sticky and is everyone's favorite summer treat; which is ice cream.   More specifically a scoop of  melting ice cream on a cone.  Choices that I made that helped produce this project would be the usage of  a palette knife to create the texture of real ice cream.  When I show people this piece I receive lots of positive comments regarding the texture of the ice cream and how realistic it is. Another choice that I made to enhance this piece was to add lots of values within the cone.  I was originally uneasy about the cone part because I believed it wouldn't look as realistic as I wanted.  It turned out that adding a few values here and there changed my perception of the cone making it look very realistic.  Overall this was my favorite piece because acrylic pant has been my favorite medium for a long time and I feel like I excel when I use this medium. 

One project I felt I was least successful with was the vessel.  This project was a group project and I feel like going through my sophomore year of high school I've done countless group projects.  I've never had a problem with them and I felt as though I had experience with working with others. I think our vessel was not successful because me and my partners didn't have the same vision going into the project.  That's something I feel like all artist struggle with alone and adding group members complicates things.  It forces you to think deeper on what you're creating and it allows you to formulate the picture in your head  better so you can explain to another person.  This group project I felt made me a better artist but the product we produced didn't live up to how I felt.  I'm happy with the way the project turned out individually but when I compare it to my other clay piece from freshman year it doesn't show me growing as an artist it shows a decline in my artistic abilities. 

2 pieces that showed my growth as an artist would be my scientific piece and my up close and personal piece.  The first piece's theme was scientific and it was my first piece ever in this class and the medium was pen, pencil or charcoal.  This piece I didn't really formulate the meaning behind my piece or have a vision in mind. I believed it showed how I could use more practice with pencil and adding values using pencils.  The second piece that I want to talk about that shows my growth from the scientific piece would be the second piece we did in class.  The second piece that followed my first one in my opinion shows a big jump in between my skills and techniques as an artist.  The theme for the second piece was up close and personal and the medium was colored pencils.  In this piece I believe it shows that I know how to add values using colored pencils.  The composition and colors were well thought out.  I felt more prepared and confident in using the  colored pencils. Overall  I'm happy with both creations and I'm glad that I was able to grow from the very first piece of art work that I created in this class. 

The first mini lesson that was both enjoyable and helpful was the chalk pastel mini lesson. Chalk pastel was an option for the Up close and Personal theme but I didn't use it. I felt more comfortable using colored pencils but I wanted to use chalk pastels.  The mini lesson on chalk pastels was very helpful to me as an artist because I've never used them until that time.  I believed that when I started using it I instantly fell in love.  This mini lesson helped me explore a new medium that I now love and will probably use in my next projects.  I was also very happy with the transparency piece that I created.  Even though I didn't use the chalk pastels in my actual final piece it was a great learning experience.   Another mini lesson that I had a lot of fun with was the mixed media mini lesson.  I've always loved mixed media but this love grew in class with the mini lesson.  The mini lesson helped me explore using different techniques that enhanced my final project, which made me very happy.  I was happy that the lessons were there to help me formulate what works and what doesn't before I dive into my final piece. 

My favorite medium to work with this year would have to be the colored pencils.  More specifically the prisma colored pencils.  I love the effect it has on your art work.  I feel like using these colored pencils gives my art work more depth and vibrancy.  The piece that I got to use prisma's on also became one of my favorites.  Paint used to always be my favorite medium but this year I think I've transitioned into a colored pencil person. I will always love paint but  I think its good to have another go to medium that you enjoy using and mine is colored pencils.  I love them so much I invested in buying some prisma's so I can create pieces on my own and expand my skills with them.  

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