Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Experimenting With New Mediums

     The lollipop piece was made using colored pencils.  I enjoyed using colored pencils and I learned how to layer the colored pencils.  The layering technique helped me blend the colors together with ease.  Colored pencils were already a familiar material for me but I gained the proper skills and techniques required to use these tools to create pieces that looked like the actual item.
     The soda can piece was made using oil pastels.  Throughout the process of using oil pastels I learned how messy it can be and how smooth the texture is once its on the page.  In this project I used a technique I learned in art 1 which was to shade in the same shape that the object is to give it a realistic look.  I also used the start with the medium value first technique.  The oil pastels were the same as the colored pencils.  Since I've used both before I did gain skill with familiar materials.
     The transparent candy wrapper piece was made using chalk pastels.  Chalk pastels was a new medium that I learned to love.  Out of all three pieces this is my favorite one.  The techniques were the same as using the oil pastels, but I gained skill using an unfamiliar material.  I enjoyed all of the mini lessons because they helped me refresh familiar materials with new and familiar techniques that help prepare me for my final piece.

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