Thursday, November 29, 2012

Famous Landmark or Transportation Stencil Critique

Famous Landmark or Transportation Stencil Critique

Word Bank: Use these vocabulary words in your responses. Please underline or make letters bold when you use them. 

Stencil                 Spray Paint       Xacto Knife        Positive/Negative Space
Composition    Collage                Photoshop        Threshold              Contrast

1. Explain how you changed your photo in the lab to create a stencil.
When our class was in the computer lab, we were told to use Adobe Photoshop to change the image and make it black and white.  I did as instructed and this created Black and white image  representing postive and negative space within my document. To acheive the black and white appearance in photoshop there was a button named Threshold that we were instructed to click.

2. When creating the collage background explain your choices of colors, materials (magazine paper, books pages, etc), and placement. How does it relate to your topic? If no relation discuss general idea.
Once I decided that I wanted to create a rollercoaster stencil, I searched for things relating to the fair, waterparks and bright colors to add to my collage.This search then turned into anything that appealed to me and I disregarded the fair theme.  The lines in each cliping were ridged.  The general idea was to created something that appeal to everyone using a wide varity of colors.

3. Discuss the way positive and negative space was used to create your stencil.
The postive and negative space was used to create the stencil.  We used these elements to contrast with the other.  When I cut away the postive space with the Xacto Knife  the stencil was left with mainly the details in the image.

4. When using the xacto knife, explain the safety procedures, how to use the knife and any challenges you had to overcome while cutting.
When using an Xacto Knife there were many guide lines we need to follow.  Before I was able to cut I had to make sure there was a hard surface underneath the paper I was cutting.  The Xacto Knife is sharper than it appears so I need to cut away from myself, and take my time while cutting.  The main challeges I needed to overcome was pressing deep into the paper without cutiing to deep and staying safe without cutting myself.

5. How was your experience with the spray paint? Discuss how color choice is important, placement of stencil, and any other concepts you noticed while creating this. 

Color choice  played an important role in the overall compostition of your artwork.  When I cut way at the positive space a better choice for spray paint would be Black so the Negative space is highlighted.  The placement of the stencil helped the compostition as well.  If the Stencil wasnt steady or a little off it would make the art look messy.  I noticed that it is very important to plan ahead so that I would be  ready for anything. 

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